Joyful frugality

Reminds us of the finite nature of resources, but at the same time brings us back to the joy of what we have. This affects our colour themes and choice of materials: Strong colours like sunny yellow, bright green, pink and orange stand for joie de vivre and also for the fun of showing yourself in them.

Dopamin Dressing

Colours are closely linked to emotions and we implement these colours with a dopamine effect in technical jerseys as well as in flowing materials with structures. Prints captivate with unusual colour combinations such as orange with purple, green with blue or pink with green. Intense multicolours also play an important role.

Bold colours

Brave colours - come in rather sporty but also emphatically feminine silhouettes. The slightly dressed look is reinterpreted by these colours. Our popular jog styles in technical jerseys also come in new straight leg styles.

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