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When creating our trousers, we always do our best to meet the high standards of fit, quality and sustainability.

CANDY - The Icon

Our bestseller model and iconic Candy made of high-tech jersey leaves a small ecological footprint during manufacture, which - with the right care - is also noticeable in everyday life: fast drying, non-iron and crease-resistant.
The graph below shows that even the production of high-tech jersey uses significantly less water, energy and CO2 than the production of cotton. The resource-saving properties can be seen in everyday life in the fact that the material dries quickly in the air and no drier is needed, is wrinkle-free and therefore does not need to be ironed, should be washed at 40 degrees and has a total durability 10 times longer than cotton.

Sustainability in our jeans

0% Stonewashing

65% less CO2

80% less water

100% biodegradable Chemicals

100% sustainable fabric concepts

100% sustainable washings

100% BCI cotton


For every pair of jeans sold, Raffaello Rossi will plant a tree in cooperation with regional partners and international organisations. This enables the Raffaello Rossi team to work alongside its customers to promote global reforestation and the planting of fruit trees on a regional scale.

The ultimate aim is to help restore the ecological equilibrium

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