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100% Sustainable Premium Denim

Favourite trousers and all-rounders. Jeans are fashionable multitaskers that can be easily styled in new ways. When it comes to denim, we are pursuing new directions and technologies, making sustainability the focus of the production: starting with fair production methods all the way to the highest sustainability standards.
To make all the denims, BCI cotton is used, i.e. cotton produced by farmers who are committed to using fewer pesticides and less water during the cotton cultivation process and who promote sustainable cotton farming. Sustainability is also at the focus when it comes to the fabric production: here the company works with innovative, European facilities that are revolutionizing the jeans dyeing process by using modern methods such as “Dry Indigo” (water-free foam dyeing using biodegradable chemicals) and “Kitotex “(which drastically reduces water consumption in the dyeing process by using innovative dye baths).
For the further processing and washing of the jeans, Raffaello Rossi works, for example, with sustainable sewing factories and laundries. The jeans are washed without chemicals, bleached with environmentally friendly ozone and/or finished with laser effects rather than the more environmentally harmful techniques that are usually used, such as stone washing. Another important factor is that all factories treat their wastewater in their own water treatment plants, minimizing water consumption in the process.
Sustainability is our philosophy and a process which we keep improving. We are working every season to make the collection even more sustainable.
For our slim jeans, we use a high-stretch fabric with 360 °C movement.
The authentic denim washes are perfekt for these styles.