Autumn / Winter 2017


The new Raffaello Rossi collection is all about a confident and individualistic fashion aesthetic.
The look remains feminine throughout, with a focus on flattering fits and expressive styles.
Harking back to the 1980s, velvet is celebrating its big comeback, with striking men’s fabrics and elegant jacquards complementing the discerning material palette.
The finest crushed velvet jersey is given a romantic look with an imaginative floral print on wide-cut Marlene trousers, or a sporty vibe in the form of jogger pants with elasticated waistband and military stripes on the sides.
Jacquard fabrics exude sophistication – as a subtle animal print on mystic black, graphically as a minimal pattern or in a fascinating multi-coloured blossom look.
Experimenting with contrasts is something the new season’s fashions do best: whether dynamically interpreted stripes in combination with classic tweed, or comfortable leather-look jogger pants with gold stripes on the side as a nod to the luxurious renaissance of military.
With a wide range of silhouettes, Raffaello Rossi is once again demonstrating the highest level of trend expertise with a particular focus on the ultimate wearing comfort, while still accentuating the female silhouette in a flattering way. Casual fits, high-waist, slim-fit and carrot styles remain firm favourites. The sophisticated kick-flare pants with opulent ruffle hem are offering a brand new look.
And just as innovative is our interpretation of the comeback of deconstruction:
authentically interpreted on denim and expressed in open seams or contrasting material inserts.
With rhinestone appliqués, eyelets, leather lacing, leather or floral coatings and typical zipper details, we are staying true to our distinctive signature look and our passion for subtle eyecatchers.
Right on cue for the cold season, a lot of black is making an appearance, flanked by atmospheric red and green nuances, aubergine, midnight blue and nougat. Natural tones like sand, camel, light grey and anthracite balance out the more intense colours.



We are celebrating a journey back in time that takes us to the nineties – the era of grunge and military looks, of tongue-in-cheek pop culture and glamorous rock chic.
But also the decade of self-expression in all things sartorial – depending on certain attitudes or individual preferences.
These days, a large part of our life takes place on social networks, meaning that our very personalities have become the trend. This is reflected in the handmade embellishments – customised details, fun patches, playful embroideries, destroyed effects or deconstructivist approaches – that are defining the visual statement of the new Raffaello Rossi Trendline collection.
Patches sewn on by hand, fabric-backed holes or open hems, floral embroideries, animal appliqués, comic designs, sequins, rhinestones and watercolour stripes make the perfect décor elements – our creative team really let their imaginations run wild on our jeans!
With figure-enhancing, slim-fit shapes made of highly elasticated faux leather with silver coating in biker style, or lace-finished leather looks, athleisure wear is being given an urban, rock-style upgrade.
We are also showing how wonderfully feminine military can be – high-waist, slim-fit with patch pockets and decorative uniform buttons, which once again create a flattering line and exude sophistication.
And the colour palette is just as diverse: led by black as the perfect background for artistic embroideries or glamorous prints, accompanied by flattering bordeaux, warm green, grey and wood tones.