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Forever Candy

What must a perfect pair of trousers have to make our heart beat faster? Exactly,
  • the perfect fit for every woman and every silhouette
  • an unbeatable wearing comfort
  • easy care features
  • individuality & fashionable updates
  • adaptability from a sporty look to an elegant after-work outfit (dress up, dress down)
  • a sustainable production in Europe

Candy made from Active Jersey...

Produced in a sustainable, resource-efficent way
Perfect for travelling: non-iron, wrinkle-free
UV protection SPF50+
Unbeatable comfort: highly elastic and ultralight
Perfect care properties: washable at 40°C and fast drying
...can be worn with a good conscience
Candy is produced in a sustainable and resource-efficent way. Our Icon is the ideal travel companion due to its ultralight, wrinkle-free Hightech-Jersey and the unbeatable comfort. It is also the perfect match for the fashion conscious women: the candy can be easily styled from morning to night, in every occasion and situation. This highly comfortable 24-hours –pants are an integral part of every Raffaello Rossi collection.