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Modern Purism

Spring / Summer 2020
Minimalistic and monochrome with an elegant colour palette in white, multi-layered nude and warm earthy tones – that is how the new collection presents itself. Print and colour codes in pastel tones exude an air of chic.
Discover the new colours of our summer looks: from soft pink to delicate yellow nuances. Adding modern touches, blue and aqua are a breath of fresh air. Worn head-to-toe for a timelessly elegant look, the colour brown is the new favourite for summer 2020.

Authentic naturalness not only plays a key role in the colour scheme, but also in the choice of materials. Linen looks and cotton designs are defining the new collection and perfectly reflecting the zeitgeist. Clear cuts, a clean silhouette and reduced seams reflect this new modern purism. The collection’s prints and decorative elements are multifaceted: from trousers with utility details to ethno accessories down to traditional embroidery. Thanks to high-tech materials, laser-cut inserts and graphic patterns, sporty styles like track and cargo pants are providing futuristic inspiration.

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