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They really exist- those timeless pants, whose different fits always form the basis of a highly fashionable outfit. Raffaello Rossi designs for feminine and sophisticated women who seek for variety in their fashion style as they have in their daily lives.

For 94% of all women, the perfect fit of pants is most important. As a pants specialist, it is our job to live up to this claim. That's why we have a variety of different fits and styles; from wide shortened pants to skinny jeans.


Agatha Cropped
The Culotte
The AGATHA CROPPED is a fashionable Marlene pants with a wide leg and a high waistband with a belt. Due to the emphasis of the waist the pants creates a beautiful and feminine silhouette. The leg is moreover cropped.
The Sporty Chic
ANINA is a sporty chic pants. This mix is formed by two jeans pockets on the back and the piping on the front which also optically lengthens the leg.

CANDY is a premium jogger style with sophisticated details and zipper pockets. An all time favorite piece for every wardrobe. The icon can be worn casually or sporty and is also perfect for the evening with high heels or as well suitable for business.

The Modern Classic

DORA is a modern classic chino pants with wide waistband and a cuff on the hem. This pants is an universal companion. Sporty with sneaker and shirt or for the office with a blouse and blazer – this pants is not to be omitted in one’s wardrobe.

Dora Cropped
The Chino

DORA CROPPED is the new shortened kick flared silhouette in a modern chino style. This pants creates a feminine silhouette and can be styled easily with high or flat shoes.

The Allrounder

GIGA is a highly elastic pants with a slim leg and perfect fit for every figure. Due to the longitudinal weld on the front and the back the legs will optically appear longer. Perfect for every occasion and just an all time favorite pants.

The Modern Jogger

GIRA is a modern Joggpant with extravagant details. By pleasing every figure the pants can be worn sporty and elegant at the same time. A true allrounder.

The Fashion Pants

HOLLY is a fashion pants in jogger style with premium details. Wide pocket cover and refined seam pattern shape a perfect silhouette. The wearing comfort is invincible. The perfect companion.

The Casual One

MAXIMA is a comfy, slim and shortened pants with a delicate zipper at the side of the hem. A perfect classic that shouldn’t be missing in any wardrobe. Fitted for every occasion.

The Glamorous One

OLESSA is a Marlene pants with a precious wide leg. Fitted for every figure the pants optically extends the leg. Therefore the Olessa appears as glamorous as her wearer.

The Leggings

OTTI is an elegant, modern legging made for every occasion. Due to the two zippers in front with the classy hangers she appears as a customized pants. Otti is made out of a highly elastic fabric and carries itself like a second skin.

The Basic

PENNY is the perfect basic legging that shouldn’t be missed in any wardrobe. She flatters every figure with a highly elastic and soft quality and as the perfect fit. Therefore, she is the simple but peppy basic pants for every woman.

The Absolute Classic

An absolute classic with a long, straight leg. With its timeless cut, CARA is ideal for showing off feminine legs.

The 5-Pocket

The 5-pocket pants Jane is a slim fit style. It emphasizes the silhouette of a woman and shows off your feminine shape in the best light. Through different variants, such as open hem, destroyed elements or clean washing, these jeans can convince in all everyday situations.

The All-Time Favourite

Not too tight and not too wide. Our VIC is a bit high waisted with a body-hugging fit, elongates and shows off your feminine shape in the best light. The all time favorite is a classic key piece in the wardrobe.